Romantic dinner - Europe.  The new monetary, the Euros.

Romantic dinner - Europe. The new monetary, the Euros.

Europe is a great location for a travel photographer. Here, paying the bill after a beautiful romantic evening in Rome, Italy.

Old bicycles in Italy.
Italian kitten – kittens are cute in avery country of the world
Picture of an Italian fisherman.
Italy and its sea at sunset.
Photo of a beautiful view from a B.& B. in Tropea - Italy
Old Italian lady - Italy
Study of shadows. Arches and more arches.
Old door. Years of weather abuse creates a great texture on this wooden door.
Window overlooking the ocean.
Photo and images of beautiful Italy
Rome - Italy.  An old wall, graffiti and all.
Happy mannequins.  
Italian roof tops. Old fashion classic Italian roof tops.
Another great travel shot - Italy.
Beautiful Italian window.
Romantic in Italy.  A romantic evening in Venice, Italy.
Romantic dinner - Europe.  The new monetary, the Euros.
Old tools. These tools have stories to tell.
Old Italian shoes. If these shoes could talk...
Italy - the old country.  A small village in Calabria, south Italy.
Picture of Venitian masks (Italy).
Venice masks (Italy)
Paris cemetery - Pere LaChaise
Photo: Window to Notre Dame, Paris, France.
Beautifu; old french window, Paris, France.
Canada - dock and boat at sunrise.
Canada - lake and ducks, a rare moment.
Buddha statue found i Canada, of all places.